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Angel Healing Online Course
About Joanne Brocas
Introduction to Angelic Healing

Lesson One
Angel Message
Archangels & Angels
The Power of Prayer
Working with your Energies
Creative Energy Technique
Aura Pulse Energy Technique
Chakra Spirals Energy Technique
Aligning with your Higher-Self

Lesson Two
Angel Message2
Chronic Stress
Triple Warmer Energy Technique & Prayer
Guardian Angel Alignment
Guardian Angel Healing Prayer
Archangel Healing Polarity Alignment
Archangel Celestial Alignment Exercise

Lesson Three
Angel Message3
Patterns of Consciousness
Examples of Patterns
Belief Repair Work
Archangels & Chakra Centers
Archangel Gabriel & the Root Chakra
Archangel Zadkiel & the Sacral Plexus Chakra
Archangel Uriel & the Solar Plexus Chakra
Archangel Chamuel & the Heart Chakra
Archangel Michael & the Throat Chakra
Archangel Raphael & the Third Eye Chakra
Archangel Jophiel & the Crown Chakra

Lesson Four
Angel Message4
God's Provision
Divine Manifesting
Divine Manifesting Exercise
Angel Healing Self-Healing Treatment
Angelic Healing Treatment for Others

Lesson Five
Angel Message5
Divine Light Healing Prayers
Divine Light Frequency Healing List
Lung Meridian
Liver Meridian
Gall bladder Meridian
Spleen Meridian
Kidney Meridian
Large Intestine Meridian
Circulation Sex Meridian
Heart Meridian
Stomach Meridian
Triple Warmer Meridian
Small Intestine
Bladder Meridian

Lesson Six
Angel Message6
Timeline Healing
Archangel Zadkiel
This Life Present Timeline
Womb to Present Moment Healing Exercise
Soul & Ancestor Timeline
Soul & Ancestor Healing Exercise
Energy Testing

Lesson Seven
Angel Message7
Intuitive Angelic Healing
Color Intuition
Intuitive Body Scan
Intuitive Healing Reapir Work
Etheric Template Body
Angelic Etheric Surgery

Lesson Eight
Angel Message8
Intuitive Reading Guidelines
Prepare Your Energy
Intuitive Healing/Reading Process
Extra Insight
Intuitive Body Message List

End of Angel Healing Online Course
End of Course

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