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Practitioner Training Level 2
Lesson One
Launching your Spiritual Healing Practice
Healing Space Audio
Creating a Receptive Healing Space
Prepare your Space Video
Prepare your Space (Text)
Prepare your Energy Video
Prepare your Energy (Text)
Clearing your Space Video
Clearing your Space (Text)
Further Helpful Guidelines
Receiving your New Client
Why do we need to be Specific in Prayer
Client Health Form
Finishing the Healing Treatment
Healing Ethics
Treatment Fee
State Laws
Healing Homework Lesson 1

Lesson Two
Energy Testing Your Client
Energy Testing Jock
Energy Testing
Our Spiritual DNA
Spiritual DNA Test
Trauma Memories/Energies
Adverse Energetic Effects
Ancestor/Past Life Trauma Test
How to Clear
Developing Discernment
Two Unconscious Blocks
Healing Homework Lesson 2

Lesson Three
Spiritual Healing Prayers
Womb Trauma Memory Clearing Prayer
Birth Trauma Memory Clearing Prayer
Prayers for Various Conditions
Allergic Reaction Healing Prayer
Arthritis Healing Prayer
Bursitis Healing Prayer
Carpal Tunnel Healing Prayer
Cataracts Healing Prayer
Diverticulitis Healing Prayer
Ear Infection Healing Prayer
Epstein Barr Healing Prayer
Fibromyalgia Healing Prayer
Flu Healing Prayer
Gallstones Healing Prayer
Heart Disease Healing Prayer
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Healing Prayer
Kidney Stones Healing Prayer
Lung Disease Healing Prayer
Multiple Sclerosis Healing Prayer
Osteoporosis Healing Prayer
Pancreatitis Healing Prayer
Restless Leg Healing Prayer
Stroke Healing Prayer
Tinnitus Healing Prayer
Varicose Veins Healing Prayer
Video Intro for Lesson 4

Lesson Four
Introduction Video
Mediumship Explained Video
Guides Part One Video
Guides Part Two Video
Grief Video
Clearing/High Vibrational Living Video
Spiritual Protection Video
Spiritual Connection Video
Healing Homework Lesson 4

Lesson 5
Healing Development Group Circle
The Healing Circle
Opening/Closing Prayers
Healing Circle Prayer/Exercise
Group Healing Combined for One Person
Group Healing for Loved Ones/Friends
Group Healing for World Issues
Pain Relief Circle Meditation
House Clearing Circle Meditation
Suggested Group Discussions
End of the SHL2 Practitioner Course

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