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SHL1 Online Course
Meet your Spiritual Healing Tutor Joanne Brocas

Lesson 1 The Healing Field
Lesson One Video Intro
The Healing Field
The Divine Cosmic Force of Love
The Divine Cosmic Force of Light
The Divine Cosmic Force of Life
We are Radiant Cosmic Beings
The Omnipotent Power of Spiritual Healing
The Basic Science of Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing Laws Video
Spiritual Healing Laws
Spiritual Healing Benefits
End of Lesson One Student Questions

Lesson 2 The Importance of Self-Healing
Lesson Two Video Intro
12 Levels of Consciousness
Internal Healing
Powerful Self-healing Prayers/Exercises
The Mind
Prayers to Rebalance your Mental Energy
Rebalancing the Brain's Hemispheres
Zip-Up Energy Technique
The Emotions
Prayers to Rebalance your Emotional Energy
Heart Energy Rebalancing Prayer
The Spirit
Prayers to Rebalance your Spiritual Energies
The Physical Body
Prayers to Rebalance your Physical Energies
Overall Energy Rebalance Prayer
K-27 Tapping
Important Suggestions
How to Amplify your Spiritual Healing Power
End of Lesson Two Student Questions

Lesson 3 Your Divine Healing Team
Lesson Three Video Intro
Your Own Divine Light Team
How your Divine Light Team can help you
All-Powerful Divine Light Team
The Christ Light Consciousness
The Holy Spirit
The Seven Archangels
The Divine Feminine
Spiritual Clearing
How to Connect/Align with your Divine Light Team
The Spiritual Power of Creative Prayer
Setting a Divine Intention
Prepare your energy with Creative Prayer
Chakra Clearing & Polarizing Prayer
End of Lesson Three Student Questions

Lesson 4 Hidden Factors & Forces
Lesson Four Video Intro
Hidden Factors & Forces
Healing must be addressed on All Aspects of Our Being
Many Complexities of Health & Healing
Take Back Your Soul Power
Neutralization & Transformation
Factors & Forces List
Why Many Healers Become Sick
Non-beneficial Signs of Toxic Overload
End of Lesson Four Student Questions

Lesson 5 Self-Healing Hand Placements
Lesson Five Video Intro
Self-Healing Hand Placements
Lets Begin
The Spiritual Healing Treatment
Localized Treatment
Advanced Spiritual Clearing Prayers
End of Lesson Five Student Questions

Lesson 6 Hands-on Healing for Loved Ones & Friends
Lesson Six Video Intro
Hands-on Healing
SH Procedure on a Chair
Healing on a Chair
Additional Hand Positions
SH Couch Hand Positions
Healing on a Couch
Localized Areas of Treatment
Advanced SH Technique
Water Clearing Purification
Advanced Healing Prayers
Hands-on Healing for Animals and Pets
End of Lesson Six Student Questions

Lesson 7 Distance Healing Treatments
Lesson Seven Video Intro
Distance Spiritual Healing Treatments
Probable Reasons for No Positive Results
The Power of Creative Prayer
How Does Distance Spiritual Healing Work
Important Points to Consider
Who are you Helping?
Getting the Correct Information
Let's Begin
The Distance Spiritual Healing Treatment
After the DSHT
DSHT for Animals and Pets
DSHT for World Issues and Situations
When there are No Improvements
End of Lesson Seven Student Questions

End of SHL1
Completion Video
Completion of Course

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